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Beautifully designed greetings from your phone to their mailbox

  • Mobile Send

    Send greeting cards directly from your phone without any trip to the post office.

  • Postage Included

    No stamps, no trip to the post office. It’s all included.

  • Takes 30 seconds

    All done from your phone, all in under a minute.

  • No Missed Occasions

    With calendar reminders, you never have to worry about missing a birthday, anniversary or other important occasion again.

  • All Your Thank-You Notes at Once

    Whether it's 150 thank you notes or one birthday card, Send-Say gets it done.

  • Personal and Professional Correspondence

    Send-Say is great for both personal and professional correspondence.


Any Holiday, Any Occasion


Get Well Soon

Thinking Of You

Thank You

Thank You (Baby)

Thank You (Wedding)

Thank You (Kids)


Congratulations (Engagement)

Congratulations (Wedding)


Congratulations (Baby)






Bar/Bat Mitzvah

New Year

Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's Day



Mother's Day


Father's Day



How It Works

  • Choose the card you want to send

    Hundreds of designs covering dozens of occasions and styles

  • Type or speak your message

    Choose the card’s message, then add your own sentiment.

  • Not sure what to say? We’ll help.

    We offer tips to help get your message exactly right.

  • Store the addresses you have, look up the ones you don’t.

    Upload a spreadsheet, manually enter addresses, or look them up on-demand.

  • Set reminders for important occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

    Enter dates that are important to you; we’ll make sure you never miss them

  • Get prompted about upcoming holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.)

    Do greeting card occasions sneak up on you? Not anymore. We’ll send you reminders.

  • Send from anywhere, the moment it occurs to you

    An unexpected gesture? Say thanks right away. A life moment? Say congrats.

  • Send one card, or tackle dozens of thank-yous at once

    Send-Say is a must-have tool for managing all of your correspondence.

  • Not sure what to say? We’ll help.

    Etiquette is tricky. Condolences are tough. What do you say to a newly engaged couple? We suggest messages to help you send the right message.

Send-Say Story

Our story is pretty simple. We like getting cards in the mail, and we think other people do too. We like hearing from friends and family. We like good design and nice paper. We believe being kind and thoughtful matters now more than ever. And that taking a few, tiny seconds out of your day to show someone you care can make a big difference.



For less than the cost of a card and a stamp, you can send a greeting with Send-Say.

  • Single Card

  • 10 or more cards

    10% off
  • 25 or more cards

    20% off
  • 50 or more cards

    30% off


A greeting card showing up in your mailbox can make your day! Send-Say creates an opportunity for you to send that feeling to the people you care about.
With Send-Say, you can send cards three ways: you can manually initiate a send, you can set-up reminders and get prompted as the dates approach, or you can give us access to your social properties. When a friend has a birthday coming up, or experiences a major life event like a wedding or baby on the way, we’ll let you know. 
Simply go into the app, choose a card, type or speak your message, tell us who to send it to an we handle the rest.
Each send is $2.99, with a volume discount for bulk sends – like thank-you notes.
Yes! That’s one of the best things about Send-Say. For less than the price of a retail card and a stamp, we take care of it all.
We knew you’d ask. Quality is important to us too. All of our cards are printed on 110-lb cardstock – thicker than most drug store cards. The artwork and fonts are unique to us. We offer a variety of color options and we handle the printing ourselves to make sure every card is 100% perfect.
Yes! Send-Say is perfect for knocking out thank-you notes or other correspondence in one fell swoop, right from your phone and from anywhere.
Don’t worry. When you set up your account, you’ll have the option to upload the addresses you do know – Mom, Grandma, your best friend, etc. If you’re sending to someone for the first time, the app will look-up addresses using publicly available online databases and suggest an address for you.
You can absolutely override the suggested address and manually enter your own. That may require looking it up outside the app or asking the person. Going forward, we’ll save any addresses you use so that they’re there the next time you want to send a greeting.
Yes! You’ll receive an email letting you know that your card has been mailed. All cards are sent regular mail from Washington, DC.
Just like the U.S. Postal Service offers ranges for expected regular mail deliveries, so do we. You can check those estimates here.
When you’ve created your greeting and are checking out, you’ll be given a range based on where your card is being sent. You can make the decision to complete or abandon the transaction if the arrival estimate doesn’t work for you.
All Send-Say cards are mailed from Washington, DC. The prompts we send you about upcoming events are based on where you are. If you’re in California and your mom’s in New York, we’ll factor that into how quickly we notify you of her upcoming birthday.
Every Send-Say card you send has your return address on it. If your card can’t be delivered, it will be returned to you.
When they call, text or email you telling you that you’ve made their day! As individual pieces of regular mail, greeting cards are not tracked by the Post Office. But we’ll do all we can to make sure you know the card is on its way and when it should arrive.
Just you and our team. We take privacy very seriously and work hard to secure our application and website from breaches. For more information see our Privacy Policy.
Again, we take privacy very seriously and work hard to secure our application and website from breaches. We perform regular maintenance to address any vulnerabilities or new threats. All transactions are encrypted using BrainTree, a global leader in mobile and web payment systems that facilitate e-commerce. For more information see our Terms of Use.
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